Bevnol Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy outlines the way in which Bevnol collect, use, disclose, store, manage and dispose of your Personal information in accordance with the APP’s. Our aim is to provide the best service and quality possible and we will only collect information necessary to achieve that aim. We will advise you personally, or through your authorised appointed representative, the purpose for which we will use or disclose information about you. As an essential part of the service we provide, we must discuss your details with organisations we approach on your behalf.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Providing employment or service to you;
  • Comply with any legal and regulatory reporting requirement

Types of Personal information we will collect and hold

The type of information collected relates specifically to enhancing the services we provide for you and may include name, address and other contact details, and relevant financial information.  All information we obtain, seek and store is gained as a result of your desire to access our services.